Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cynthia's Masterpiece!

 Its always good to hear that students have been having a go at painting at home-so it was lovely to see what Cynthia had done recently--she made a beautiful job of this seascape, the photo doesn't do it justice to be honest, she said it was her third attempt all on her own-and the first one she was really happy with--but considering she has had only 3 classes with me I think that she has done really well.

She managed to get the most paint on her at yesterdays class-somehow she had black paint all up her sleeves and over the front of her pink jumper although she had an apron on--luckily she managed to get it all off when she got home--they were a load of mucky pups yesterday--never seen so much paint everywhere bar the canvas before--faces, hands and tables-you name it -there was paint on it! We used loads of baby wipes wiping it all off!

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