Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hollie and Lucie -last weekend

We had a busy time last weekend-- we had a full class on saturday and then we had the little grandaughters Hollie and Lucie to stay from Sunderland. We had great fun with them--its like Christmas every time they come down-looking through the toys to see what new ones Nanny Di and bought since the last visit!
Hollie is mad about Dora the Explorer-and little Lucie likes her as well.
Its pretty manic here while they are awake--but after a nice warm bath with a few drops of pure lavender oil in it the pair of them were out for the count by 9.15pm-- theres nothing nicer than a little one smelling of baby talc, snuggled up on your lap-we sat all snugged up watching Simply Red on the tv-- then we just had to carry them to bed -easier said ten done--I had to swop Hollie over to Grandad Bill so I could take Lucie off him to carry up the stairs!
The pair of them slept all night-then we had to leave them with their mum and dad while we went to the market--they are back down again this weekend-so looking forward to that!

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