Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Michelles Paintings

I had the pleasure of teaching Michelle to paint today. She contacted me through my website a couple of weeks ago ,as she was coming to the area on holiday and had always fancied learning to paint.
Her hubby had bought her a set of oils for Valentines Day but of course she hadn't got a clue what to do with them.
So I arranged for her come along today.
I gave her the option of painting one standard size painting or two different smaller ones for the same price of £45 for a one 2 one session.
She chose to do the two smaller ones as she would learn a lot more from the different paintings.
We did the Serenity one first-and she was amazed at how little oil paint we needed --she quickly had the sky, distant trees and snowy bushes done, and as each stage was finished she stood back in amazement at what she had achieved with her bashing brush and tickling brushes!
She took photos of her paintings at each stage so she has a record of how she did it.
She chose The Waterfall for her second picture-and we were able to use the same brushes we had used for the first painting to save on cleaning.
She loved working on the black canvas-and you would never have known she had not painted before ever!
Her bushes were great-she got the hang of shaping them up really easily-and when it came to using the wipe out tool to create the water lines-she was a natural!
The time just flew by-as we chatted about painting and other things--mainly food!!

She has gone away with a full set of brushes, a bottle of turps and various containers to use to start her new hobby of painting.
She intends having a go tomorrow --and she is under strict orders to ring me if she isn't sure about anything-rather than try and muddle through it. I would rather spend 5 minutes explaining something on the phone to a student than have them making mistakes and getting stressed if its not going right.
Michelle and her hubby Trevor are heading to Ludlow again tomorrow to take in some of the local sights and the food centre. They will call by the market and say hello to us again as well!
I'm very sure Trevor will be very impressed with her paintings when she gets back with them.

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