Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Market Of 2009

We woke up to a cold damp morning today--I had decided that this was to be the last market we would do this year.
Its so cold to be stood around in the winter on Castle Square--no good for Bill or me!
The damp wont do the paintings any favours either--we had to put a plastic sheet up between the stalls today so I could have the card stand out as it kept drizzling with rain.

I intend going back up there and running the stall again in the spring when the weather is starting to get warmer!
We will miss the company of our fellow stallholders/friends -many of whom will be suffering the cold weather on the market right through the winter months-though Im sure we will be calling by and having a chat with them now and again.

It was a lovely feeling to get back home tonight, unload the car, pack away the paintings and know that we wont have to get them out again for a whole month!

I have 11 already booked into the first class of 2010 "Stormy Skies" on the 16th Jan and wont need the paintings out until then.
I have got lots to do between now and then--new painting subjects for classes to design and experiment with--dates to sort out for future classes-have only done til April so far!

Cant believe Christmas is so near-we still have loads of Christmas cakes to marzipan and ice, carpets to shampoo and a Christmas tree to put up-never been so late doing that--all being well will do that tomorrow and then get Lins poppy painting finished at last!

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