Saturday, December 05, 2009

Class of dec 5th--Mystical Moon

We had 14 in class today--Jess couldnt come as she was poorly with a bad cold-however she will be with us next week.
We had 8 newbies and 6 who had been before. A lot of nerves were evident-from the first timers -though everyone settled down to the painting quite quickly and the nerves soon vanished.
10 year old Courtney came along with her nan Alison--they had seen Liz's paintings on facebook and wanted to join in the classes.
We had a mixture of blue, grey and purple versions of the Mystical Moon paintings.
Everyone was amazed to see how different they all were right from the start of the class.

I had met Gary and Elaine up at the market a few weeks ago-and also Lindsey a week later-Alison, Lindsey,Gary , Elaine,Liz, Bev and Val have all booked up for classes in the new year, so look forward to seeing them then.
There were a few conflabs going on in class as to which ones were being done by whom!
We had some stunning results from all of them-all very different(Garys had the addition of a bat and Courtneys and Val's a flock of birds!)

We used some metallic paint to do the moon which will look stunning when the light changes at night and the light catches it!
It was amusing to see most of the class on their knees painting the bottom of their painting and signing it--I tild them to say one for me while they were down there!
All in all a great class--the Christmas Truffles we took along went down very very well-though I did have to warn the students that they are very high in alcohol!
We had great fun as usual--we have 14 in again next week--the last class before Christmas--Im really looking forward to it-everyone is doing a 3 ft canvas so taking the photos will be interesting-will definitely have to do them in batches!

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