Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bevs Birches

I had the pleasure of one of my class students Bev coming to do a one 2 one session today. She really wanted to do a 3ft birch tree painting before Christmas!
Bev has attended 3 previous classes and has picked up the methods very well so far-she has even carried on painting at home and emailed me 3 paintings she has tackled on her own.

It was lovely being able to spend time chatting with Bev as we tackled this popular subject-though it was rather cold in the garage where we had to go to do the splattering part!
The painting quickly took shape and Bev loved seeing how quickly the perspective and distance happened so easily.
We used a metallic paint for the water in the pond which set the painting off lovely.

We are seeing Bev again this Saturday in the Mystical Moon Class
this is now full with 13 people booked in though I have a feeling we will have a no-show again from one of the ladies who is very nervous and has cancelled 2 previous classes due to nerves!

I dont think I will be on the market tomorrow, Im feeling stiff and I think my fibro is playing up so am going to stay in the warm and not chance it-dont want to be ill for the weekends class.

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