Sunday, December 13, 2009

January Classes and Other Bits!

Well Ive taken the last class of the year now--seems weird that I haven't another class until January 16th when we are painting Stormy Skies--I already have ten booked in for that class but can take another 2 in there.
I have 8 booked in for Jan 23rd class Emerald Woods so 4 spaces left in that class
and in the Summer Day class on January I have 5 booked in so 7 spaces left in the class..

I have a one to one coming on Tuesday -she knows nothing of it at all-and wont until she is delivered to my door!
Ally has surprised many of her friends in this way-as birthday and Christmas presents--she doesn't tell them where they are going-just to wear old clothes!
So I cant prepare anything until they arrive at 10am on the day-then Fiona can choose which painting she wants to do.
No doubt she will say she wont be able to do it-and then 4 hours later be completely gobsmacked at what shes done!

We are really over the moon to hear that Dave is home from hospital at long last--after a major op on his heart he suffered some setbacks and was rushed back in to Birmingham for a while--but he is now back home and no doubt being spoiled rotten by Lin--big hugs to them both-and see you both soon xxx

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