Saturday, December 12, 2009

Class Of Dec 12th "Yesterday" (updated!)

What cracking day we had today! 10 students- 3 of whom had not been before--all of whom used the biggest canvas size 36in x 14in .
"Yesterday" was a new class subject--and the students were given a choice of orange/reds browns/creams or blues and purples.
We had a mix of old and new students--Sally and her friend Jan have been 3 times before--while Samantha and Gemma were newbies--within a few minutes there was lots of laughter going on between the 4 of them--Sal and Jen and Sam and Gem had discovered that they were a drugs councillor,and ex-family worker, a social worker and a mental health worker! So they all had lots in common and I believe they will be keeping in touch with each other!
They were laughing at their names being so alike as well!
Sal has asked if I will do a class just for her people she is dealing with in the future if she can get funding--we have agreed that it will be a helpful tool in helping them have a sense of achievement that they thought not possible-watch this space!

Everyone had some wonderful ideas of the effect they wanted-and the finished results were very individual-we all had great fun -and are seeing everyone again!
Pauline and Chris have been with us loads of times now-Chris has developed his own style up to a point and always does his own thing in his paintings--today he added a golden sun using the metallic gold paint-and a volcano as well! Sal followed his idea and added a silver moon as her painting was in a dark purple --- it looked great!

Two gift vouchers were sold as well-they have been very popular this year--there will be some happy artists in the coming year! Cynthia's painting is going to be a Christmas pressie for her daughter-they came by the market one week and she told Cynthia-that's what Id like for Christmas please!--I'm sure she will be over the moon when she opens it on Christmas Day!
14 year old Jess made a great job of her picture--she is not afraid of colour or using too much paint--as older students can be! Pauline really excelled herself today--she really got to grips with mixing the colours and was quite bold with it--she has been a bit unsure of using a lot of paint in the past.
It was hard to believe that Karen had never painted before-she really took to it like a duck to water-her first coat of paint was nigh on perfect-she had lots of light in the centre of her painting which was really warm and glowing. Her second coat of paint went on like a dream as well--she had to sit to paint -due to a recent op -as did Jan-and working on a 3ft wide canvas wasnt easy for either of them due to the size of it-but they both made a great job of it!

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