Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well we have had an hectic time of it over the past few days--today its just me and Bill relaxing and taking it easy. Ive got a bad chest infection-had it for nearly a week now-off to the docs for some more antibiotics in the morning for me!
Christmas Eve was lovely-I spent the day getting some festive goodies done for the big day--the fresh cranberry sauce,bread sauce and my special stuffing loaf-Bill sorted out the turkey and put loads of butter under the skin so it would stay nice and moist!
The trifle was made and I got the melting Camembert's ready for when our friends Marion and Phil came round as usual in the evening--
The mulled wine smelt beautiful-and the smell of freshly baked bread to dip in the melted cheese made us feel very hungry!
We had a lovely evening with them-the time flew by!
Christmas dinner was small affair for once--just us along with my daughter and my mum. The rest of the family decended on us for tea as is usual and the house was packed to the rafters! Every year the children get a bit bigger and take up more room than the year before--thank goodness we have a large kitchen and dining room as well as a big lounge!

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