Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fionas Painting!

Ive had a lovely time painting with Fiona today!

Fiona didn't have a clue where she was going or what she was going to do when Ally picked her up this morning.
Ally loves to surprise her friends with a painting session when they least expect it.
Fiona is getting over a serious illness and yesterday had some good news that cheered them both up :-) Ally had worked out when Fiona would be at her best to paint because the treatment has been making her quite poorly for a couple of weeks after she has it.
Fiona's face when she realised what she was going to be doing today was a picture--pun intended!
"But I cant paint" she kept saying--"I don't have a clue" " You will be fine" I tryed to reassure her!
She was at a bit of a disadvantage to most people who know they are going to be painting--must be quite a big shock to have it drooped on you a few minutes before you start!
Anyway after a coffee and a look through the photo album of previous students Fiona decided that she wanted to paint "Serenity" in the dusky lilac colours.
I mixed the colour on her palette , gave her the brushes and she was still very nervous bless her!
After making a start on the sky-she settled down a bit, and as the time flew by and her picture came along she relaxed and really enjoyed herself. She laughed at the names of the brushes we use--bashing brushes, bush brushes and tickling brushes etc--in less than 3 hours her masterpiece was finished--Ally came to collect her and asked which one was hers!
Her children will have a big surprise when they have a look on here-she isn't telling them what she has been doing -just to take a look at the site--they will be gobsmacked!
I have a feeling I will see Fiona again!

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