Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Is Coming!

We seemed to be later than ever this year getting ready for Christmas!
But we got the tree put up yesterday at last--I wanted to get the carpets shampooed before that happened.
I had bought a new carpet cleaner months ago and just hadn't had a minute to use it.
The carpets have come up like new so its shoes off for everyone now and we have bought a new runner for the hall way just in case.
Its such fun unpacking the boxes of decorations -there is always something that Ive forgotten about in there.
As usual there are a few new decorations on the tree as well-found some beauties in a charity shop in Kidderminster the other week.
Ive managed to get round to marzipaning and icing the cakes today-not as many as last year just 6 to do.
I gave Karen hers before I got the photos done! Still got one big one left but we usually take one to Shobdon Food and Drink Festival so will save it for now.

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