Saturday, August 08, 2009

Todays Class-Winter Wonderland

Class of today--Francesca,Alice, Jenny,Tony,June, Jean and Sally (seated) (Mrs Fiddler)
They came from far and wide today to paint Winter Wonderland-Hereford, Telford,Ludlow, Clee Hill and the caravan park at Shobdon!
We had all had lots of fun and laughter throughout the day--Jenny had to travel from the other side Hereford and her babysitters turned up an hour late-which meant we had a later start than normal-10.30 am--we had to get finished in the same time as Francesca was catching a plane to Ireland at 5pm this evening!
We still had a couple of breaks and finished at 2pm though.
Jean and June came from the caravan park at Shobdon--Jean is quite disabled and didn't think she would be able to get any decent results-mind you every first timer that comes through the door thinks the same!
June asked if we would go over to the club on the site and do some classes there-so we will wait and see what happens about that--I explained it would have to be on a Tuesday or Thursday as every Saturday between now and Christmas was taken!
Sally now has the nickname of Mrs Fiddler-she kept sneaking back to her canvas and fiddling with it when we were having a break.Jennys painting was lovely and soft looking, very subtle.Her tree was quite dramatic which was a lovely contrast to the rest of her painting.
Alison had a gift voucher for today as a present, she painted really naturally and didn't really find any of it a struggle.Tony is getting quite an old hand at this painting business-he told me that after the last class -''Serenity '' he went home and painted 4 more versions of it for his sisters--they were amazed!
You can see from the finished results that the results are all different-everyone interprets what they are shown different to the next person.The classes are about learning to use the brushes and paints-to learn the Painting My Way technique, not to produce a carbon copy of my painting!

We are seeing Tony next week in Mellow Moods-Ive got a very full class next Saturday--Ive managed to book in 12 people -I had a post-it note stuck on the page--over the namesof 3 people! Luckily its a staright forward painting and we have enough easels and brushes etc so it wont be a problem!
Bill has worked out the plan of the room and thats sorted-it will work very well I think!

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