Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hypnosis--so far so good!

Well I have to say that I'm very impressed with the hypnosis so far.
I haven't found it hard at all to eat sensibly and I haven't touched an alcholic drink since last Wednesday! Must be the first weekend in around 20 years that I havent had a drink of wine!
Can honestly say I havent missed it at all.
I dont know how much weight Ive lost cos Bill has hidden the scales because I get obsessive with them and weigh every day!
Im going to weigh in tomorrow--I feel like Ive lost a bit so fingers crossed!
Its a weird feeling to be honest-I have no desire to eat anything fattening-havent eaten any bread for days-have eaten loads of fruit, ved and lean meat--have a real urge to drink lots of water!
We are going away at the weekend with the caravan and I know there will be lots of food and drink flowing-I just cant imagine myself eating or drinking anything I shouldnt though!

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Trine said...

You need to tell me more about that hypnosis in an email. I desper. Lost a bit in spring then gained some then lost some walking and walking in summer then gained again. SIGH