Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hypnosis--so far so good!

We went along to Bishops Castle today with an open mind on whether the hypnosis for weight loss would work or not.
Karl quickly put us both at ease and Bill waited outside while Karl did his stuff-It was most relaxing and I think I can remember everything that was said.
I then sat in on Bills session as well-I was even more relaxed the second time as I wasn't nervous-so I sat with a cushion behind my head and relaxed inte chair while Bill was on the couch having his hypnosis.
The power of suggestion is very powerful-and after being told several things -one of which included having a burning sensation in the back of the throat if we had to much to eat and drink- I was amazed when finishing my dinner tonight (omlette and salad) to find I had that sensation.
We should be cutting down our big meals by around 50 % any less than that and we will get the effects!
Im still feeling full- and havent had any wine or voddi tonight and dont want any either--its very strange how it works-fingers crossed it continues.
Karl said we should only need one session - I have a feeling it will do the trick-watch this space!

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