Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Supper!

We went up to the local pub last night for our ''final supper'!!The steak and chips was delicious-and we just had to finish of with one of the Squirrels beautiful Caribbean sundaes!
We are both being hypnotised this afternoon to try and help us lose some weight!
I'm really looking forward to the experience -and it will be interesting to see how it works--we have tryed a few times (half heatedly to be honest) to do it on our own-and have ended up staying the same after a few weeks.
At least we have never put the weight we lost back on as can happen sometimes!
Karl has been highly recommended by a friend who has been to him and is doing very well-so fingers crossed it will work as well for us too!
The fridge is full of healthy stuff-the fruit bowl is groaning so think about us at 3pm when we will be going 'under'!

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