Thursday, August 13, 2009

Market 12th August

The weather turned a bit miserable yesterday on the market-after the hot sunny day the day before! We managed to get set up without getting everything wet though.
Considering the weather was so wet there was lots of people around- lots of my leafets went to people from all over the country--they all seemed very impressed with out town and want to come back to paint and see some more of it!
We took some different paintings to usual, for a change , so the layout of the display looked different again.
It was good fun to see the look on peoples faces when they asked how much the big green painting was( as happens 50 times a day when its displayed) to get the answer £30,000--- we wait a minute before bursting out laughing and telling them its £300 !
We are having new stalls on the market in November-we attended a meeting about it on Monday evening-it all sounds very pretty on paper-whether or not it works in reality is another matter!
The council have gone against the wishes of the traders and ordered pvc covers which will hold the condensation which will drip everywhere onto goods.Im sure the blue and white stripes will look smart but not much good if our stuff gets spoiled!Time will tell!

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