Saturday, August 15, 2009

Todays Class--Mellow Moods

From the left-today's students Nettie, Leanne,Diane Jennings (ll) Jean,Tony,Bill,Ann and in front Liz and Hannah.
Illness cut the numbers down to 9 at last minute for today's class-
We had a request from Nettie for autumn colours instead of the usual greens and yellow ochres as Nettie's front room is terracotta-as Ive said before with my classes-nothing is set in stone and if you like a painting but the colour wont match your decor just ask if it can be done in another colour-it can usually be done!
Its amazing when you think everyone has stood and watched me demonstrate each small section of the painting-when you look at the students canvas right from the start they are all sooooo different!
I love the way that everyones character comes through!Every single stage we do is completely different to each others
Diane Jennings was back down from Liverpool for her 2nd time painting with me, Bill (student) was originally from the same place and it was lovely to hear the scouse accent in stereo-it must be one of the nicest accents around!
We had 2 lots of nannas and granddaughters today which was great!
Ann and Hannah have been before but it was a first time for Nettie and leanne, who we met at Welland.
It was also a first for Liz.
Diane,Bill, Tony and Jean (Mrs Subtle) have been before.We are seeing Diane again for the birch trees on Sept 12th, Bill is back for the Perfect Evening and the Serenity classes, Tony is in for the Watefall class and Hannah is coming to paint the mystical moon class.
We had some great results as usual-everyone was able to see how their paintings will look framed as we tryed them all in the black frame Tony had ordered!
It really set them off a treat.

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