Thursday, August 06, 2009

Today--Jamies Funeral.

Well as expected today was a very sad day.
Jamies funeral was held in Ludlow at 12.30pm.
Jamie was well known for his brightly coloured hairstyles-often bright pink! In tribute of this all the men wore bright shocking pink ties and the ladies bright pink accessories.
St Laurences church was packed to the seams with people.
His friends were bearers -his grandad Bob commented that the coffin was twice as heavy as it should be with the gifts that everyone had put in with him.He had a can of beer and a ciggy in his top pocket too!
His friends got up and spoke beautifuly about him, as did his cousins and sister.
Then his mum Heather got up in the pulpit and gave the most moving speech about her son-how she kept her composure I do not know.
She said afterwards she had promised him she would -bless her.
Well she certainly did him proud.
The music was so moving ---we went into church to the sound of R. Kelly--''If I could Turn Back Time'' ,then Jamies favorite song by R. Kelly--''The Worlds Greatest.''
When it was time to leave the church the music bought a smile to everyones faces--''Bat Out Of Hell'' by Meatloaf.
It was the music Jamie used to go to sleep by when he was a baby-he was a bad sleeper but he would always drop off to the song in his dads arms.
He is buried not far from Heathers Mum-my aunty Barbra-and its only a short walk from his home, so they will be able to visit him easily--its a lovely spot.
I dont know how anyone can ever recover from losing a child-we can only imagine what his parents and sister are going through--but I do know that they are surrounded by lots of love from the family and Jamies friends--and I hope that time will help to heal the pain they are all feeling.
There was a beautiful sunset tonight-lots of bright pink in the sky-a fitting end to the day--

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