Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poppy Fields

I have just one place left for this Saturdays Poppy Fields class.
This is a beautiful painting to do-and gives everyone the opportunity to really express their creative side painting the poppies!!!.
If you fancy having a go at this one please get in touch via the website

It is suitable for 1st timers and as always we go through the painting step by step and I explain each stage as I demonstrate it to you.
The last time we did this painting in class we had some fantastic results and all of the poppies were sooo different to each other!!
I have a group of 3 coming here from Northampton which is over 3 hours away, so an early start for Cheryl and her friends on Saturday.
Cheryl came with 5 of her friends last year, one of her friends Nicky has since been with one of her friends and thoroughly enjoyed it, and it will be great to see Cheryl again.

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