Friday, January 11, 2008

Ashford And Caynham WI

We had a lovely turn out on Wednesday night, the hall was packed with interested people.As you can see from the photo, there was an interesting backdrop on the stage, a painted scene of mountains!
I started the night with a demonstration on a black canvas--using transparent blue paint ,I started painting on the canvas--of course no one could see anything until I started putting on the white paint---then there were lots of oohhs and aaaahhhhs as it quickly developed into a snow scene.Using the same brushes but this time on a white canvas I painted the ever popular Summer Day painting.This is one of the most popular painting's that I do in class, and it always goes down well at the demos too.
Ann Tyler won the raffle and she chose" Summer Day"--she has just moved into the area from the seaside and she said it reminded her of where she had lived.
I donated "Winter Wonderland" to the WI to use for raising money for their chosen charity.

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