Sunday, January 13, 2008

Results from Jan 12th Advanced Class

We had a very interesting day yesterday doing the advanced class.
Sharleen and Hayely were unable to make it unfortunately, but Jack,Carole, Yvonne and Jan came and as you can see we had some fantastic results. Four totaly different painting!
Jack had a copyright free book of photos from the SAA(Society for all Artists) which he bought along to show us--brilliant for giving some inspiration on what to paint--I will be ordering a copy for myself tomorrow.
He had scanned and printed his and Yvonnes choice of subject and bought them along.
Jan bought along a picture her hubby John had taken on the Welsh coast, down by St Davids.
Carole had a birthday card that had given her some ideas for a floral painting.
This was the first time for everyone--The idea was to give the student the confidence to paint on their own at home with out me !!
They had to do everything for themselves--with my supervision.
I had already prepared some work sheets , printed and laminated them for them to use both during the class and at home.
To start they had to prepare the undercoat that we use to coat the canvas--some old yogurt pots came in useful for this--everyone agreed it was easy enough to do--so that was the first scary thing out of the way.
Jack had decided that his choice of painting needed a canvas in both black and white--after a few tips he was soon done.
Everyone was a bit apprehensive about things for a while--they had to decide on the best brushes for the job, help them selves to paint--everything as if I wasn't there!
It was great to see everyone thinking for them selves and making decisions.
I was able to correct some small things that happened- but everyone agreed it was a very useful day,everyone learnt a lot and it has given them all the confidence to start painting at home.They all know they can ring me ANY time and I will help them.All in all a great day.
We took Carole back to Leominster did a bit of shopping and then finished the day off with Jan and her hubby John up the road at The Squirrel.
We all had a steak and some wine, the time just flew by we arrived at 5pm and in no time it was 9pm--where did the time go to?
A thoroughly great night--thanks both!

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