Monday, January 14, 2008

New Challenge

As you can see the images above are quite different to my normal style of work,I have decided to challenge myself this year to try new styles of creating art.
I have had my Chinese brushes and ink for almost 2 years now-sitting on the shelf waiting for me to pluck up courage to have a go!
I took the bull by the horns and ordered some Chinese paper and yesterday had a my first go---above you can see my results.
I have several books-bought from boot sales which explain the technique but have had lots of hints and tips from my friend Trine in Norway who uses the technique a lot-and is very good at it.
Its totally different from what I'm used to--the rice paper is soooo absorbent-you only have to touch it with the slightest touch of a wet brush and its there-and once its there on the paper there is nothing you can do-unlike when using oils and acrylics where you can scrape it off or paint over the top.!!
Its going to be very interesting to use these materials but I am looking forward to more experiments with it.I will post the results on here for you all to see-and have a giggle at!!

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