Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ally's Painting

Sadly todays student Mary couldnt make it for her present of a painting class.However her friend Ally came in her place.
As you can see although she was confident she would never be able to produce anything worthy of showing anyone , she painted this beautiful waterfall scene!!
She was typical of many of my "First Timers" convinced she wouldnt be able to do it--if I had a £ for every time I heard that one I would be very rich!
We spent the first 30 mins introducing Ally to Paddy Parrot and Sparky cat! Then we were nattering to Bill, so it was turned 11.30am before we got started.Ally couldnt belive just how quickly the picture started to take shape, she got the hang of the bashing brush and tickling brush very quick.When it came to the painting knife, she had no trouble-you would think she had used one for years.
When we finished Bill made her a box to transport her painting home safely--Ally has 14 horses as well as dogs and cats and she transports a lot of hay and straw in the car--we have visions of the picture being covered in bits before she got it home, so Bill made a lid for it too!!

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