Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sat 26th Class

First of all a big "GET WELL SOON" to Sharleen, who couldn't make it today due to the dreaded lurgy that has been doing the rounds.
We had our 2 regulars Jack and Yvonne and 2 new students Colette and Bill today.
Both of the new students admitted to being very nervous-this was soon forgotten as they got used to using brushes to bash and tickle the paint on the box canvas!!
As you can see , Jack got down on his knees to paint his daisies-this is a regular occurrence among students, they get in all sorts of positions to do different parts of their painting!!
I did ask Jack to say one for me while he was down there!!!!!!!
Everyone soon settled down and relaxed after putting in the sky-its a bit daunting putting paint onto a big white canvas for the first time, and today was no exception--Bill admitted that his arm was stiff from nerves and tension at the beginning!
We had several breaks when we all looked at each others pictures and were surprised at the differences in them.
I find the secret of it is to be able to stand away from the easel's all the time to be able to see what has been painted.
If you are sat down at the easel, its hard to see what you have done properly,being able to keep standing away from the picture makes all the difference.!
Towards the end of the class, Colettes husband turned up and was amazed at the results-he couldn't get over the standard reached first time of painting a picture!
I showed everyone how to paint daisies and poppies and gave them all the option of doing one or both on their paintings, as well as doing a walk down to the beach instead of a row of foliage and flowers across the bottom of the canvas as in the original Summer Day pic.
We will be seeing both Bill and Colette again soon, as well as Jack and Yvonne.
The frames ordered will be ready for the next class too.
Although they have recently gone up to £12 each they still represent great value for money, the box canvas that we work on are very deep and you would be hard pressed to find frames to fit these at under £25 normaly.
Thanks to Dave The Frame who supplies Painting My Way with the frames.

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