Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Medieval Fair

It was the annual Medieval Fair at the weekend and we were up bright and early to go down to the market and set up....We took the stall out to make it a walk in stall and give us a little more room..
with 2 large tables inside there was lots of room to display all the little paintings as well as the bigger ones on the racking...
also had room on the outside to display the prints etc on the table..
Bill on Ye Olde Laptop  LOL
he couldn't resist a huge lump of bread pudding off some of the regulars who come to the market....
I was surprisingly warm in my dress-though I did have my warm leggings on underneath--and my hair down to keep my neck warm!
My friend Jane had a stall opposite selling her beautiful paintings...she does a lot of animal paintings....
We had a walk through town later to have a meal at the pub...couldn't believe how quiet the town was then after being so hectic all day-all looking pretty and festive though!

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