Sunday, November 04, 2012

"Yesterday" Workshop -Eardisley

I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday when getting everyones colours combinations they wanted to do the "Yesterday" painting at Eardisley Village Hall. Usually everyone wants to do the orange/reds or the Blues and purples version.....there is only one or two folk wanting to do the browns and cream version normally. So when 11 of the 13 students chose those colours I was a bit worried I would have enough of that colour paint with me..However I did--just!  We had everything loaded into the car instead of the van as there is a low arch leading into the village hall and Bunty van wont fit it was easier to load up the car and get right up to the door to unload/load..        We got off to a quick start and above you can see Alan's painting progressing nicely....he loved using the acrylics..
Above you can see Margaret happily painting away...hard to believe that this was her first time...she couldn't believe that she could produce anything so good--and to be honest--we were all working on huge canvas---40in wide x 12in deep....that is a big  area to cover with paint--but she  wasn't fazed by it at all....
Another first time student was Carol...again you would never believe it--very confident with her brush strokes..
Peggy's painting was so warm and gentle...we used a choice of coloured metallic paints to add a shimmer to the water and  the gold just looked lovely..
We had a laugh with Gladys ...we were all in fits at the little extra she had in her painting!
Mary getting her water painted in...her granddaughter would like to come with her next time,,,
Pat made a lovely job of her picture...
Sue has  kindly organised the workshop again and sorted out the room for me..I loved the metallic she added to the sky-it looked like the northern lights when she finished..
Ethel's painting had a lovely dramatic sky....
Nesta with her lovely vibrant painting..
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Gladys was also painting for the first time--though you wouldn't have known it---she said it was the most fun she had ever had..and what a lovely job she made of it...
Val's painting is coming along nicely here..what a great sky?
Joy is nearly finished here--she made a cracking job of it...acrylic isn't the easiest medium to use--I thinks oils are the easiest,,,but acrylics have their place and oils cant be used to do this painting!
Pat  nearly finished--what a brilliant job she made of it--as did everyone in the workshop!
Watching me do the final touches of some twinkly stars and a moon....
the lineup---or almost all of them....
looking good!
well done everyone! Will look forward to seeing you in January!

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