Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Premier Inn's

First time we have used Premier Inn's and it wont be the last! From booking to checkout the experience was just brilliant. And just £28 a night!               When we decided we were going to go up to Derby to do Jo's workshop we knew we would have to stay overnight at least as it was just to far to go in a day and do the workshop and come home. The polymyalgia rhumatica I suffer from means that if I do too much  I seize up and the steroids     (I'm down to 8mg :-) ) don't work so well-so I always have to pace myself and just do what I know I'm OK with. A normal workshop on a Saturday in Ludlow is enough to tire me out sometimes!             So we travelled up to Derby Friday afternoon and checked into the Premier In that was just  15 mins from the painting venue.   It was spotless clean, no manky carpets and saggy worn out beds like you get most of the time in Travel Lodges these days!   The bed there was sooooo comfy-super king size-6ft wide so we had loads of room in there!      The shower was also great-very powerful and hot. The only drawback  was the WIFI not being much good there--but it was ok  for what I needed. We had a lovely meal just a hundred yards away at a pub up the road--just £5 each-bargain!

Bill knows how to relax LOL
After the workshop we travelled down to Cannock and stayed in another Premier Inn-again a lovely welcome and room .The IFI was excellent there too..We had eaten a huge breakfast in Derby and had a chippy lunch at the workshop so we didn't want much to eat on Saturday night so we popped over the road to McDonalds--the lovely girl here kindly gave us a couple of big cups of ice so we could have a cold voddi and tonic when we got back to our room!     Then after another great nights sleep we got up and went to the huge boot sale that was a few hundred yards away from the Premier Inn     .The sun was out and it was like a summers day almost...bought some bargain thermals from there as its getting bloody cold up on the market these days. not many more before we finish on the 23rd Dc until the start of April 2013..so all in all  a great weekend...would definatly recommend Premier Inn--in fact if you dont have  a good nights sleep they will give you your money back-so you cant go wrong.

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