Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Work In Progress

There has been major upheavals at home...having bought some lovely new laminate flooring ages ago, it was decided that the front room needed to be decorated before it went down.....its been years since it was done--and as you can see we didn't move the 4ft long fish tank last time but painted around it as far as we could!
This time however we did move it--to its new space in the hall..Its looks lovely there too.
Next job was to shove most of the furniture down to the bottom of the room so the walls and ceiling could be painted white...
then up came the carpet...that had served us really well...but I'm just not up to shampooing it like I used to be..I have to pace myself a lot since having the polymyalgia ,,just cant do what I used to...so the laminate floor seemed like a good idea...
Once we had half the room done with the flooring we were able to get the sofa and chairs back in the room..
Everything takes far longer than expected..but its so worth it--it looks lovely and so easy to keep clean..
Got the new curtains up--Bill painted the old curtain poles..wasnt sure if it would work or not--but it did! I love the light green colour--it reflects the light back in the room.
Bill built the solid oak mantelpiece years ago, and made the surround for the mirror to match.. the gas fire we had fitted at the time was in fashion then,,,but we never ever used it and it looked very dated now so we treated ourselves to a lovely glass electric one.We probably wont ever use it for heat but when switched on focal only looks beautiful and makes the room feel warm just looking at it!
Looks lovely and warm!
I have thinned down my cat collection a bit...but have kept out my favourite ones.I have a bot more space on the hearth now because the new fire hangs on the fireplace rather than stands on the hearth...wont be long till we get out the Santa Clauses and Christmas stuff..plenty of room for them!
I even managed to find a lovely new light coloured unit to display the rest of my cats and artist ornaments on..
The birds have been moved to the end of the room --they seem to like it there OK and they are easier to keep clean there!
It all looks nice and cosy now...
got some more of my cats on Grandads sideboard--hard to believe Ive packed loads away isn't it? Now the floor and decorating have been done in the front room we are going to carry on into the hallway--watch this space!!!

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