Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jo's Birthday Painting Workshop

We had a trip to Derby at the weekend to run a workshop for Jo who has been down to me twice before. It washer 40th birthday and she wanted to celebrate it with a painting party for family and friends. She organised the room ,and even a fish and chip lunch from a nearby chippy for u all-which made a great treat for us after being on a diet!
Jo's hubby Darren-hadn't painted before an like most first timers didn't expect to be able to produce anything any good! He surprised himself!
The birthday girl Jo--her 2 daughters , 2 sisters,partners, brother ,mum and friends were all painting with her !
Phil had to sit for most of the workshop as he had a poorly foot.....and had a huge pin sticking out of the end of one of his toes ! He didn't know what he was going to be doing until he walking in with Karen-who was also kept in the dark about it too! Phil was quite confident with the brushes and paints for a first timer!
Karen -Jo's sister was also confident,and soon had a beautiful painting underway..
Isabel, another of Jo's sisters has been to Ludlow to paint before,,she made a cracking job of her painting..
Derrick managed really well-he wasn't convinced he would be able to paint very well in the beginning--but he was soon making decisions about what was going where..
Rich is Jo's brother--he seemed to find it easy enough!  It always surprises people just how easy it really is if they follow my directions! It does not take long before the painting really starts to look like it should!

Jo's mum Maureen getting her beach done....
Steve had me and Bill thinking were seeing things--he is the spitting image of our next door neighbours son Simon--he really was his double!
Joy is Jo's friend and has painted with me before--she really enjoyed painting this one and knew when to stop at each stage and didn't go back and fiddle with it!
Alicia age 14  is Jo's daughter and made a beautiful job of her painting,,,
little 7 year old Kayla is Jo's daughter....she really is a natural--her painting was lovely and subtle-she even added a lighthouse and some birds to it at the end--well done Kayla!
while Darren went to fetch the lunch from the chippy the other goodies came out-champagne, beautiful cup cakes(that we resisted!)  an all manner of lovely stuff!
chocolate cupcakes---we didn't try them!
Happy Birthday!!
 The end results! Well done everyone..
Kayla's finished painting-didn't she do well!
There was loads of fun going on after the workshop on these chairs with wheels--Joy and the girls  loved it!
and then Derrick joined in LOL

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