Sunday, November 04, 2012


Most of the exhibition space is in a long corridor that is well lit with natural lights and spotlights as well..
There was plenty of room to hang the paintings and all the working out before hand really paid off....all the paintings were numbered with the panel number they were going on as well as having the usual labels with price/medium etc on them.
The Birch Tree Panel...
Large oil landscapes panel..
The Encaustic art panel--all created using melted wax on perspex..
This is one of my favorite pics ...called Two Faced--there are 2 spooky faces in the centre of the painting,,most folk can see the main one but not the second--and loads of people can see other faces in there that I cant as well!
I love the ccolours in this one!
This one called "Rose garden" has lots going on in there when you look closely as well...

Oils and acrylics panel..
A mixed media panel...all sorts going on here--the Flames Of Passion one is one of my favorites--the flames are very textured and tactile..
a few more oils and acrylics...

The final panel -again a mix of oils acrylics including a couple of framed ones!

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