Monday, February 27, 2012

Summer Day Workshop Feb 25th

We use a wide variaty of brushes and a knife in the Summer Day workshop and while its quite easy to explain how to use the brushes the knife is a different matter! I can explain and show how to load it with paint and how to apply it to the canvas but the easiest way to show it properly is to literaly hold peoples hand and to guide them through the process....that way they can feel the pressure needed to get the paint off the knife and onto the canvas.. we had a mix of first timers and some people who had a been before ...We had met Derek 3 years ago when we did the Gloucester Summer school....the 2 paintings he did with me he entered into the local art exhibition and sold them both! It was lovely to meet him again, and we are looking forward to seeing him and his wife in March...
Derek with his lovely painting--he had to leave early so he isnt in the group line up..
Vikki also had to leave early---
Lovely work every one!
Well done everyone....
great work!

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