Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birch Tree Workshop Feb 18th

Wonderful results from the ladies in thee Birches Workshop.......
The Birches is one of  my favourite workshops...its great fun to do and the results are always beautiful! There is a range of colours and canvas size to choose from which makes the workshop interesting for me to teach..above you can see Brenda and Tracey adding the detail to their birch trees..
Diane loved the technique....she had previously used oils in the Stormy Poppies workshop.she made a cracking job of her birches;;
Tracey chose to do the big 3ft canvas--and did the sepia shades with silver birch trees..the silver catches the light and the painting appears to change as the day goes on. We always allow an extra hour for this workshop as there is always a few choosing the big canvas and it does take a bit longer to do as there are more trees to add in.
Laurna came along with her godmother Joy who has been to 2 workshops before, one here in ludlow and one in llanidloes...
Wendy has been once before with her mum--who unfortunately was poorly yesterday and couldn't come so she bought along Alison who has been to me before.Everyone loved Wendy's painting-it looked almost photographic..the combination of silver with the black and white works really well..
Alison used a 12in x 24in canvas which suits the painting subject beautifully...almost at the end here..and I suggested that Alison made the black trees taller to get the perspective better...she did so and it made a huge difference.Its always amazing to see how the students get better and better with each row of trees they add...its a true saying "Practise makes perfect!"
Joanne has been twice before...we have such a laugh together....we are right on the same wavelength...she seems to be finding the painting quite easy-she follows my instructions to the  letter,
Joy wanted to add bluebells to her painting to give it a spring time feel..I wasn't sure if it would work when she said she also wanted to do the sepia tones....I know it works to  add a splash of colour when using the monochrome because I did a series of paintings in monochrome with just a touch of colour to them...but Joys painting was lovely--it had a much fresher, lighter feel to it which is exactly what she wanted...all in all a great worshop--and looking forward to seeing everyone again!

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