Sunday, February 05, 2012

Feb 4th Workshop "Yesterday"

Well they were dropping like flies this week---4 cancellations for the Yesterday workshop---everything from sciatica to flu to close family members being poorly....all very disappointed not to be coming and all and booking again....I was dubious if the class was going to run at all after seeing the weather forecast--heavy snow! 
Anyway as there was only 6 students I was pretty sure we would finish on time so decided to take the chance.All the students had travelled a fair distance and most of them had to use country lanes to get back home so we all kept our fingers crossed it didn't come down to before they got home.
Virginia (above) has been twice before- she has tryed a white canvas class and a black canvas class-so decided to try acrylics--she loved them,and didn't seem to find them hard at all..the blues and purples made a very mystical looking painting.....she is back again next week to paint Serenity along with her Sister , her daughter and granddaughter so it will be a real family affair! 13 booked in for that one so it will be a busy one!


Lois and her Mum  Alison were with me for the first time...Lois decided to use a new combination of colours I haven't used before...fuchsia pinks, reds and purples...and WOW  didn't it work well......

Jackie has been once before---she used the beautiful vibrant oranges and reds and made a cracking job of her picture....
Kate and her friend Amy came along as an 11th birthday treat...the canvas looks huge up against her! She chose the chocolaty browns , she got the hang of the brushes pretty quickly and soon had her sky and water in,,,lots of lovely movement going on in the sky.
Amy chose some bright colours for her picture----and I love the way the white clouds are reflected in the water..
Alison kept saying she couldn't believe it! She was really nervous about coming-in fact she had almost chickened out of coming her daughter Lois said! She soon settled down to it and her painting seemed to come together with ease!
The girls helping each other to Paint the bottoms of their canvas!
I loved Lois's tree---very dramatic ,,,and it encouraged some of the others to have a go at adding a tree--she finished it off by adding some little bunnies!
Great results---everyone---I hope you all got back home safe and sound!
Jackie,Alison and Lois
Amy and Kate really came into their own when it came to painting in the rabbits--both made a beautiful job of them, Virginia was brave and added a tree at the last minute,,,,she used a touch of metallic paint to highlight the blossom on there--it worked a treat! Well Done everyone!

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I love the way the white clouds are reflected in the water. good job done.thanks..