Sunday, February 12, 2012

Serenity Workshop Feb 11th

We had 13 in the workshop yesterday...a good mix of first time students and people that had been before--though some of them only once before...Brian -above -came along for the first time with Lynda who has been several times.Brian is a sign writer by trade but had never painted a picture before..there was lots of banter going on with everyone all day...and it was lovely to see everyone checking out each others picture as they developed through the day...
Abi was probably one of the most nervous people Ive ever had in a workshop---completely convinced she wouldn't be able to paint a picture at all.. before we started she said "Id rather be giving birth than holding these brushes-"--which cracked me up----"I'm not that scary am I ? " I replied.....anyway she soon settled down to painting--she was bought along by her mum Virginia-who also bought along her sister Steph and Abi's daughter Katie, so we had a real family affair going on which was lovely!
Katie came with her Nan Virginia, Mum Abi and aunt Steph..--she  worked with the paints confidently...and once we had the angles of the brush strokes sorted she got on with the painting very quickly..
Isabel, Joanne and mum Maureen had been down from Derby before to paint and when Joy saw the Yesterday paintings from the last time they were her decided she wanted to come along as well...she was gobsmacked that she could do it---and we had loads of laughs with her.-she has the same sense of humour as me...
Joanne and Joy had arrived the day before with their hubbies and managed to get a £15 night Travel Lodge deal just up the road from us..when the hubbies walked in the room and saw the finished paintings-they were so socked at what the girls had done--it was lovely to see the reactions...."You've never painted that" said Joys hubby----followed by "I don't believe you've just done that" by Joannes hubby! So obviously a great result!
Steph really enjoyed herself-she seemed very laid back and found the procedure easy to follow....lovely results from her!
The lovely results ....well done everyone--looking forward to seeing you all again!
The family group....Steph, Katie,Abi and Virginia
Beautiful results everyone..
Lynn , Christina and Katherine-well done girls..

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