Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Latest Paintings

Ive been adding to my collection of art materials over the past few months, and inks are one thing been adding.Ive had great fun over the past few days experimenting with them on various papers and canvas. I have found them very interesting to use , they take a while to dry  and they keep moving until they dry so you don't quite know what you will end up with.....the one above has been done on a 10in x 12in canvas..
I love the one above..its been done on a watercolour paper.....I think it looks like E.T  ....
I had play with the inks on a spare mount that had got marks on it and couldn't be used otherwise...lovely,bright and vibrant...
the colours are brighter than watercolours,,the metallic Ive used in places don't show up in the photos though..
another one done on canvas...might add some more to it tomorrow..
This afternoon I got out some acrylics to have a play...I had bought a new primer and wanted to try it out, so I used just black and white paint to create these 3 pictures....I'm quite pleased with them and will be adding them to the class subjects -monochrome is always a popular choice..look out for it on the workshop dates later in the year..
Ive added  a few birds to this one..
this one was the first one I tryed--what was going to be the sky suddenly became some snowy distant hills LOL-- and the dark water just sort of happened as well......sometimes it just happens that way!  If you want to join this workshop check out the website  

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osheen said...

The one at the top is awesome. Amazing colour intermingle.