Monday, February 13, 2012

Llandudno Break

We are away for a couple of nights at friend Jeannie is looking after Sparky and Paddy and Jake has gone on his hols to my sisters......I need the break after spring cleaning  ready for Jeannie to come and house sit! I love Wales---the scenery is so beautiful....lots of inspiration for  paintings when we get home..
We have a huge bedroom here at The Broardway Hotel, a double, single and sofa bed in our room....a lovely desk and chair and also a table and 2 chairs in the bay window--ideal for people watching... we are right in the centre of town right close to the shops, so we will leave the car where it is tomorrow and have a mooch about on foot.. My tinnitus has been great for a few days again...had nothing at all   Saturday  and Sunday, woke up with it this morning really loud and it went within the hour so I think its going away gradually...We will have to take it steady tomorrow when walking around--the steroids make my muscles weak and my legs can go to jelly if I try and do to much to quickly..its really annoying but something I have to put up with...Ive managed to come down to 11mg of steroids now but will have to stay on that for a month..I was a bit up and down for a while and wasn't sure if I would have to go up again because I had some stiffness and pain at first but that seems to have sorted itself out---I did to much to quickly as usual and have to learn to pace myself more.....anyway I will take things easy now we away, looking forward to going down to the seafront forecast is good!
we have a lovely big bathroom with a bath and shower so may find myself in the bath with a book and glass of wine later :-)

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