Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Wonderland Workshop Jan 21st

What beautiful results we had in the workshop
Janet was amazed at her results-and the fact that she could produce a lovely painting  without having to be able to draw! She followed my instructions well and seemed to find the process an easy one!
Neil came along with Bob and Laura, he got on well with his bashing brush and tickling brush and his painting developed quickly,,
Bob hadn't tryed oils before-and he liked how the worked--he was a competent artist...
Ann had been once before and absolutely loved it---all of her friends have admired her picture and want to join in some workshops in the future..
Trevor made a beautiful job of his picture-he was painting with me for the 4th time,
Trina's painting was to be a present for her Mum-who was very impressed with her last Winter Wonderland, this panting was equally impressive!
Mathew came along with his Nan Pearl-first time for both of them...Pearls son and family came to paint the Waterfall before Christmas.Pearl has used watercolours before but never oils.
Jane was paining for the 2nd time--I don't think she was quite as nervous as last time-and she said everyone loved her last painting!
Pearl about to add her water to her painting

Laura made a beautiful job of her painting....
You could cut the concentration with a knife at times during the class---as you can see here!
Janet,Bob,Trina, Laura and Neil with their masterpieces..
Trevor,Jane, Ann, Pearl and Mathew with their lovely paintings--well done everyone!

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angela-sowdon said...

They all look wonderfull, very impressive esp for the 1st timers, but you are an excellant teacher... Well done all..