Monday, January 09, 2012


Well poor Sparky still isn't well...and he knows he can settle down on any seat in the house and he wont get moved bless him--so when I came downstairs yesterday to find him in my seat on the sofa--what could I do but leave him there and set up the laptop elsewhere!
when he woke up he couldn't be arsed to play with his Christmas mouse....
He saw his vet -Andrew on Friday afternoon-who said he needs to be seen by a specialist now as its been going on long enough with his eye, so he is going the Eye Hospital in the morning to be seen .No food or drink for him after bedtime tonight...he will not be a happy pussy in the morning! His shoulder where he had the huge abscess is very much better, healed up nicely and Andrew was very pleased with it. Sparky has accepted being kept in the house much better this time--he was an evil bugger a few years ago when he had to be kept in due to another serious injury-nobody was safe from his teeth and claws then--we joke he is a Jack Russell crossed with a tabby cat!So we will see what they have to say in the morning when we get there...all I can say is thank goodness for pet insurance!

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