Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Gorge WI Ironbridge.

We went over to Ironbridge yesterday to do the first demo of the year...Maureen the club secretary has been to quite a few of my workshops after we met at Ludlow market over a year she recommended me to the organiser Ann..we put up the display of paintings and greetings cards as well as it was quite a big room.I was able to do my demo first before the ladies did they meeting and then we stopped for coffee and did the raffle for the paintings. There were quite a few ladies who painted already there so there were some questions from the audience about the techniques I used.I painted the usual pictures I use for demos--The Waterfall and Summers Day as they use a wide variety of techniques and brushes to achieve the picture-they are also very quick for me to do as I have had lots of practise doing them....I actually had the waterfall picture done in less than 20 mins right from blank canvas to signing it much to everyones amazement,,,,the Summers Day took a little longer at 25 minutes! That left 15 nmins for me to chat to the ladies about the workshops in more detail.
the paintings were passed around after so everyone could take a closer look..
Elizabeth won the Summer Day and Jenny The Waterfall... we will see one of the ladies here at Ludlow for the Stormy Skies and it looks like we may go over there and do a workshop with the ladies as well...

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