Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mellow Moods Workshop Jan 14th

Hazel and Vanessa starting their paintings--first time for them...
Bill and his wife Pat were also first timers with me..Bill didnt seem at all nervous,,he got straight on with each stage , even the trees didnt faze him!
Chris had been once before to paint Reeds In The Breeze-and she found this competly different to do--but mastered it none the less!
Bills wife Pat....her painting took on a spooky feel at one point---which wasnt a bad thing at all---lots of charactor in it!
Ruth came along with Chris-it was her first time and in her initial email she said how nervous she was...but she neednt have been--she listened carefuly to my instructions and followed them very well..Her results showed that---
Vanessa adding the waterfall and bushes...
Hazel adding her trees--she seemed to find it quite easy...her trees took shape , she found it easy to get a wobble on her branches,and didnt seem to get scared of doing the big tree when it was time to do it!
Lovely results everyone...
well done everyone!

Lovely results!

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