Friday, January 27, 2012


Minature version of Stormy Poppies measuring 6cm x 8cm  in oils,,,the texture on the canvas is showing up more because I got so close with the camera, it dosent show like that in real life!

Ive had great fun this week painting on some tiny little canvas that have been here for ages waiting to be done! The canvas measure just 6cm x 8cm  so they really are tiny! I decided to do some birch trees on some of them to see if they scale down OK--and yes I think it does work, I haven't quite finished the birches yet--I will maybe sit down on Sunday and finish them off!
I will get Bill to add a small D ring to the back so they can be hung on the wall, then they will be varnished to protect them as well.

After the acrylics I decided to do some oils,  you can see from this photo just how little the picture looks compared to the original 16in x 20in...I enjoy working tiny--its great fun!
I had ordered some new brushes on line--ordered a size 4 as that's what I usually use in filberts--but when they arrived they were tiny--but they are ideal for this size canvas so wont be sending them back! Different makes are obviously very different in size!
I love this little tropical scene..

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