Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stormy Skies Workshop

It was lovely to see Christina back again--its been a while since she came to class though we are in touch regularly via emails she was painting Stormy Skies for her Dad..
when we stopped for lunch Wendy got out the suprise  birthday cake she had bought for her mum Sylvia who was 79 the day before---the painting workshop was Wendy's pressie to her--Sylvia said it was the best Birthday pressie ever!
Rosemary had to leave a little early as she didn't feel well....this was her second painting--lovely job she made of it too...
Wendy, Joanne and Christina with their finished master pieces...lovely jobs they made of them...
Diane , Sylvia and Vikki with their lovely paintings---all first timers with me..though you would never know it to see the end results..
Looking forward to seeing them all again soon..
when we were driving home we noticed this strange part rainbow in the sky---weird because there was no rain around at the time--in fact it was a really lovely stayed in the sky for ages--long after we arrived home ,so I got the camera out and snapped it!

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