Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Poor Sparky -Again!

Sparky cat never does things by half....not content with having herpes in his eye-requiring anti-viral and anti-biotic cream being put in it 4 times a day, he has managed to acquire a huge abscess on his shoulder as well.We noticed he was quieter than normal yesterday and he dint want to go out, but we just thought the windy weather was upsetting him,,and his eye looked sore as well but late last night we noticed the swelling on his shoulder and realised it was probably an abscess.Took him to the vets this morning who said he would have to stay in and have an op to drain it :-((  so we left him there while I went to Ironbridge to do the first demo of the year.....
We picked him up at 6pm m the vets nurse said he was fine and he had been a little darling with them,,,,hard to believe he can be such a little monster at home--he is always sweetness and light when he goes to the vets bless him.He had a buster collar on his head to stop him licking the wound which has been left open and not stitched so it doesn't heal too quickly with bacteria still inside it..and poor Sparky is scared stiff of it! As soon as the cat basket was opened he went loopy--ran off bashing into everything, up and down stairs ,into windows, he was just terrified...we managed to catch him and stick him back in his carrier..and rang the vet who said he must keep the collar on at least overnight.So we have borrowed a big dog carrier to put him in so he has more room to lie down and move about in there..While he was under the anaesthetic the vet took some blood from him and they spun it to get the white blood cells out of it, these have to be dripped into his poorly eye along with the antiviral cream  as well, hopefully this will help the eye to heal--if not he will be referred to the specialist veterinary eye hospital nearby.So he is feeling rather sorry for himself at the fingers crossed it wll all start to get better and we can get the collar off him,,I have ordered some Feliway for him to help him be less stressed..we have used it once before when he had to be house bound and it worked wonders---he hates being kept in the house-and using a litter tray-but he will not be going out for some time by the look of things!

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