Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Artists.....age 2 and 4

We have had our little granddaughters Hollie and Lucie staying with us since Thursday--- and I  had promised them they would be painting a picture with me to take home to their other nanny for her new house..
Little Lucie is just 2 years old bless her...but had great control on the big brush  I gave her,,,some bright blue sky with some bashed on clouds together  with some green background for the poppies was soon done..
Hollie being 2 years older had a bit more control over the brushes,,and decided that she she didn't want poppies in the sky as Lucie had done!  But as I explained to Hollie afterwards---the poppies would look like they were in the sky when you are as tiny as  Lucie is--looking up at them from her angle would look like they were in the sky!
Lucie looking very proud of her finished painting..she will grow into her apron as time goes by bless her
Hollie with her finished painting-lovely job Hollie!
Beautiful paintings girls!

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