Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Break Away in Stratford Upon Avon

our room at the College Arms was small but lovely,very quaint...
view from the window..
and looking the other way..
lovely bed..
the pub had everything including this secret door up to our rooms from the bar...
all was going well until 3am when there was a huge crash and the bed collapsed on one side! we got up and moved the pillows to other end and got back in and it collapsed again--by this time we were creased with laughter...its a wonder we didn't wake up the folk in the next bedroom!  And we were asleep when the bed fell apart as well.......when we checked the bed it had obviously been broken before as it had been cobbled together with bits of wood and it want our fault!
one lovely feature is this huge fireplace downstairs---with table and chairs set inside--this was reserved for us for breakfast!
Good Morning!
the other huge fireplace in the other end of the pub..
we went for a ride into Banbury on Monday..we have been there before a few times and I love it because it has loads of charity shops..
the oldest pub in Banbury..
lovely cobbles...
the swans at Stratford Upon Avon...
Stratford Upon Avon
when we returned to the pub we had been moved into The Black Velvet Room..very nice.....
I loved the black furniture...and the beautiful beams...
love how the TV is balanced on the beam..
wish I could be more minimalist at home but have far too much clutter!
no wi fi signal in this room though--the walls were too thick!
and the only place I could put on my makeup was in the fitted wardrobe....the lighting was so subdued and the window so tiny it was impossible to do!
just down the road...
The College Arms where we stayed.
Broadway  on the way home
I always call at the Christmas shop in Broadway and buy another bauble for the tree! But just look at me--no coat-we had beautiful warm weather!

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