Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Busy Week Ahead...Bits And Pieces...

We are on the market tomorrow -I hope the rain has stopped by the time we go down in the morning..We will finish a bit earlier than usual because I have another demo tomorrow night at Yockleton which is quite  a way from home.One of my students Caroline has organised it for the Flower Club..should be a busy evening as there are quite a lot of members..but it will be a long day for me!
I managed to drop another 2.5 mg of my steroids in the past week with no ill effects as well which is VERY good as its recommended that you choose a quiet period in your life in which to do to minimise the effects of taking less.
LOL ...Its turning out to be one of the busiest weeks Ive had  for ages....on Thursday I have got our 2 little granddaughters Hollie and Lucie coming from Sunderland to stay until Sunday with their mum and dad so Ive been busy getting their bedroom sorted out--it was full of the Christmas pressies Ive been getting throughout the year,,,so they Ave all been sorted out into the various Christmas  sacks for all the grandchildren, children, friends, family etc ready to wrap ! It also means I know what I have already bought for everyone now as I found loads of stuff I had forgotten about!
So it will be a busy few day with the girls, have found their favorite games and will be having a look through the Wii games to see what we will be playing--am quite looking forward to that now I'm feeling so much better than I was! I have a workshop on Saturday as well so it will be a tiring time for us all...but its been months since we have seen them and cant wait to see how much they have grown!
Then Sunday we are off for a short break--we need it after the busy times...we are off to Warwick to stay at a pub/inn for 2 nights to refresh our batteries,,another KGB deal that was too much of a bargain to resist! I will cut back on the steroids by another 2,5mg on Sunday morning before we go and fingers crossed will drop with no more side effects...the quicker I can get down to 10 mg the better! My diabetic count is getting better as the steroids come down so again,,,fingers crossed I can get down quickly!
We had a visit to Bills diabetic specialist at Shrewsbury hospital this morning and he has had the news we have been expecting for a while--he will have to start a small dose of insulin as well as the other injection he has daily along with various tablets, looks like his pancreas has stopped producing insulin altogether..he has been on insulin before when he had his heart attack so he knows what to expect with it...

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