Sunday, March 01, 2015

Summer Day Workshop Feb 21st

First of all apologies to the 15 ladies who came to last weeks workshop-the photos are only just going on tonight--I have not been very well since the workshop--coughing and spluttering..and then managed I to fall down the stairs on Thursday night and hurt my foot quite badly...Thankfully it was a very small group this Saturday due to some students having last minute things come up,,so not much walking involved -although I had to do the workshop in my slippers!  Anyway--the Summer Day workshop went really well--with ladies from all over the country attending-they came from far and wide! Ive managed to misplace my list of names of everyone as well...we had lots of first timers-though you would never know from looking at the results at all...

Some of the ladies wanted to do other flowers instead of poppies and sea thrift was the flower of choice--it worked very, very well , much softer end result..

Beautiful results ladies--well done all of you!

Denise on the left travelled from Bath and Pamela lives very near the venue--  both first timers--Pamela was very nervous bless her--but she enjoyed it so much she booked another workshop for her and her daughter the next day!

I hope Ive got this right !--Ro on the left was painting with me for the first time...Sarah and Kari have been several times!

Beautiful pics from The Gigglers--

Fantastic pics first time..well done girls!

Dru has been once before and Julie came along with her for the first time--love the sea thrift..

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