Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cats In The Trees Workshops Jan 14th

First time for Molly-above-- who was treated to her workshop by her daughter Jenny as a Christmas pressie..she really didn't think she would be able to make much of a job of her painting,,and was very happy with her results at the end..

Jenny also chose the beautiful ,bright , vibrant sunset colours to do her painting...its amazing just how different the pictures can turn out when students all use the same colours. And there is quite a choice of subjects to add on at the end too...

Peter was treated to the workshop also as a Christmas pressie by his friend Angela..they both chose the blues/purples which gives the end result a completely different feel..

Angela has been once before a few years ago..loved her blending of the blues and purples in her background..

Linda came for the first time just a few weeks ago to paint 50 Shades of Green, so a first time with acrylics..

Molly was just great at painting branches--she had the knack very quickly,,,,and she didn't want any cats in her trees--just an owl or two..

Linda added some owls in her trees, a few bunnies under them and bravely put some birds in the sky...

Lovely bold trees from Angela

Peter adding his bunnies! Everyone went away with some varnish in order to protect their painting..they will be amazed at the difference it makes to the painting-brings all the colours out beautifully!

Lovely results everyone..

As it was Valentines Day it was lovely to come home and be able to put our feet up early as there were few brushes to clean with soap and water..

A bottle of fizz rounded off a lovely day....

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