Sunday, March 01, 2015

Forest Pool Workshop

Pat was painting her 3 rd painting with me-- a very quite workshop but for the best as I was struggling with my poorly foot..It is a lovely subject to do--you can make them as bright or subdued as you want--the colours all look different off the palette on the black background too..

Chris making a start on the bushes at the bottom of the canvas..

Wendy was painting with me for the first time..she was amazed at how different all the pictures were...and found it quite easy to do..

wonderful results ladies..

some lovely messy palettes after the class!

couldn't get my shoe on to go to class--luckily my slippers still fitted...loads of Anica cream being applied all day --the bruise is now coming out really beautiful daughter Becki is getting married this Friday March 6th so hoping its OK by then--got some lovely strappy sandals to wear,,,,

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