Sunday, March 01, 2015

Cant Wait!

My lovely daughter Becki is getting married next Friday--so excited! We had a second hen night in town last night to celebrate! After loads of painkillers I was able to get my boots on and the wine is a brilliant painkiller! Its been very frustrating lately because I've been so poorly-have not been able to do everything I wanted to--but hopefully will catch up with all the odd bits and pieces over next couple of days..

was lovely to spend some time with my sister and nieces etc ..

Fun in The Queens

one of the things that has taken quite a lot of time has been making the button bouquet-- I have loved every minute of it-- vintage buttons,brooches and beads -will show the entire bouquet after the event!!!

Its very special....I have made all the men's buttonholes as well as mine and the grooms mums corsages...very happy with them--Ive done a bit to my fascinator as well..

Becki and Wayne are getting married on their 10th anniversary 6th March...I can honestly say I couldn't wish for a better son in law than Wayne...he is a star..xx

This little star Tommy will be suited and booted to be pageboy --what a little star he is ....
We are all keeping our fingers crossed that my son Jim will be there to see his sister married in Ludlow Castle-- he is a third of his way through his chemo at the moment and is due his 5th treatment the day before the wedding..hopefully he will be there...we have lists everywhere of things to do and has come round so quickly now--but am sure it will be a wonderful day-- will be posting all the photos on here next weekend!

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